Beorn’s Table

Beorn’s Table
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“A recreation of one of Beorn’s many feasts.”

Decoration Slot: Small Yard or Large Furniture
Way to obtain: Recipe : Vales of Anduin Reputation + Profession : Cook
Price: 10 Gúlmark
Unbound – Item can be traded or sold to other players

One comment

  1. Shatterbone

    A friend made one for me. I was so jazzed! A new food-laden table! Oh, how cool. Wait, “Small Wall”?!! Okay, I’ll give it a shot. Where is it? Oh, way up there? And stuck halfway into the wall? Okay, lower it, get it out of the wall, try to turn it to place beside a bench. Wait?!! It rotates? Like a painting? LOL!

    So, yes, this new table is a great source of amusement. And just for grips and giggles, I now have a whole room paneled in Beorn’s Tables, like food wallpaper. LOL!


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