Anniversary : The D&Corator’s year !
Anniversary : The D&Corator’s year !

Anniversary : The D&Corator’s year !

Anniversary : The D&Corator’s year !
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The year in review…

Note: Many thanks to Rhuangar (Brandywine) for editing the English version of this article.

In a few days (August 4th to be exact) D&Co du Milieu will celebrate it’s 2nd anniversary! Two beautiful years spent in your company! Let’s take this moment to look back at what we have accomplished over the past year.


One more candle, many more contests!

This year I decided to reduce the number of Housing Weeks in Middle Earth. I will now run them on a bi-annual basis instead of a quarterly basis. Considering the success of the last edition I am satisfied with this choice. The release of a new residential area could certainly change this but barring that, this contest will continue to be a bi-annual event.

The decrease in the number of Housing Weeks also had another purpose, to give me more time to organize other contests. This year saw two new competitions on D&Co.

We kicked off D&Co’s 1st Anniversary with “Demeure de l’Étrange” (The Strange Mansion). Later in the year a re-vamped edition of this contest was held. This contest was very successful and I had a lot of fun with it so expect it again very soon!

The X-Creator contest was held in March and was the first “international” competition launched on D&Co. I do not know if I will hold this contest again this year. Any thoughts?

The Riddle Contest took place last August and in February D&Co reached the 100,000 visit mark!

In short, it was a great year in which D&Co reached thousands of new people and I expect this coming year to be just as successful!

Web Site

In early 2018 I reorganized D&Co to try to make it more user-friendly, mainly on the French part of the website. Last notable novelty, the rating system of the decorations.

Finally, D&Co du Milieu has been translated into English and I’m very proud of it. There’s still a lot of work to do on this front but I’m on it!


Another huge part of this website is the decoration database. There were just under 300 new additions this year and as many corrections/changes.

I thought I would be able to finish adding every single item before this 2nd Anniversary but I have to admit, between the translations and the competitions, I was a bit overwhelmed.

That said, it is only a matter of time. I have all the missing items in-game (ca. 30) and I have set myself the goal of completing the database by the end of September.

Let’s move on to the numbers!


  • 87551 visits on D&Co this year (x2 compared to the previous year)
    including 21095 visits on the English version since April 2018!
  • 13233 visits in June this year (Housing Week effect), a new record!
  • 2461 visitors in less than a day on June 25th
  • 4 minutes, is the average time you spend on D&Co each time you log in

The most visited “News” (French + English):

The most viewed decoration items (French + English):

It is also interesting to see that the most visited categories are those that are least represented ingame (special furniture, ceiling and enormous yard …).

My main suppliers* of visitors (French + English):
* 45% of total visits

  • 42% of my external visits come from the official web site. Many thanks to OliveYew and Cordovan for their many regular mentions in the LOTRO Beacon.
  • Twitter / Facebook: 22%, many thanks to all of you social media followers!
  • FibroJedi (blog): 9%, thanks to Fibro for sharing this blog!
  • LesFuretsDuGondor: 8%. Many thanks to you, Ed’.
  • LotRO JeuxOnLine: 5%. A big thank you to you, Khalès.

2017/2018 Contests:

  • 7 contests this year (D&Co’s Riddles + 100,000, 1000, 500 Contest + X-Creator + 2 Housing Week Contests + 2 “Demeures de l’Étrange”)
  • More than 150 participants

Total Prizes :

  • 20,000 LOTRO points 
  • 1 Mordor Xpac
  • 5 Steeds of the White City

Finally I want to thank all the people who make this website what it is, be it the visitors, commentators, contest participants, or all those who share the work done here.

A few special thanks are in order:

Thanks to Pruna for launching this adventure with me.
Thanks to Edward (the Ferret) and Kaels (JoL LotRO) for support, sharing and participation in various contests.
Thanks to Cordovan & OliveYew (official LotRO team) for sharing, rewards and their generous support for the database.
Thanks to FibroJedi, for sharing my work.
Thanks to Petit Troll and his “Palais de l’Imaginaire”.
Thanks to Nisha (Rhuangar) for helping me with the English version of the web site.
Thanks to Aleistor Cromley for helping me to translate certain elements.

Finally, many thanks to Petit Troll (20), Gamleth (3), Gorgulis (3), Larween (2), Mavelic (2), Samoured (2), Nisha (1), Khaotil (1) for their help on the filling of the database with 34 decoration items.

And so we conclude the 2nd year here on D&Co du Milieu. I shall post upcoming events soon so stay tuned!

Thanks everyone !

D&Co du Milieu

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