#9 : Demeure de Aldarilan
#9 : Demeure de Aldarilan

#9 : Demeure de Aldarilan

#9 : Demeure de Aldarilan

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Housing Week Contest #5


Note : This contest took place back at a time when the English version of the website did not exist, therefore I offer here a quick translation (Google Translator is used, sorry!).

Theme: Elven House

Address : 4, Twinfall Path
Neighborhood : Eryn Lelryn – Falathlorn
Language & Server : French – Sirannon

A few word from the homeowner:

The manor of Aldarilan is in my image, that of a master of the curious knowledge of the beauties of the middle ground and my taste for the ancient knowledge; I traveled a lot of strange lands and I tried to keep some memories, while mixing the works of mortals with the works of the Eldar, so that my manor is a place of serenity and also a place conducive to reflection and at the thought. I keep my travel notes and experiments in my drawers and shelves of books and rolls. When I come back, worn and tired, I revisit in this place, meditating on my past actions and my future actions, listening to the crackling fire logs, while contemplating the maps of my wanderings in Middle-earth.

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