#8 : La Maison Durefer
#8 : La Maison Durefer

#8 : La Maison Durefer

#8 : La Maison Durefer

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Address : Tol Lochû

Neighborhood : Himadab – Belfalas Homesteads

Language & Server : French – Sirannon

A few word from the homeowner: 

“Welcome, traveler, to Tol Lochu Island, headquarters of the Maison Durefer and assembly point for its members.

I am Gropardieu, current head of the household.
Follow me and we shall find you a vacant tent to spend the night in our temporary accommodations, there are many people coming and going around these parts! Oh, and I hope that the noise of clashing swords does not bother you, the training grounds are nearby.

Feel free to take a walk in the garden to clear your mind, unless you’d prefer to meditate to the delicate sounds in our alley of fountains? Whatever your choice, make sure you are on time for dinner: our banquet hall is ready to welcome you for a feast! Until then, feel free to explore the residence.
The library is overflowing with books and opens into a green relaxation room (yes, the Elves had a hand in the matter). Though, do be careful of the books: some are hiding deep, dark secrets…

Make sure not to get in the way of the artisans in the crafting hall, warriors like us are always in need of stuff and repairs.
What is it? Ah yes, beer and food as well.

Now then, I will leave you to your exploration, I have to lead the council meeting for the Maison Durefer on the last floor of the building. You may attend if you like, but when you reach the top of the stairs do make sure to pay your respects to Capitaine Durefer, my father and the founder of our household!


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