#7 : Elainos

#7 : Elainos
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Address : 2 Colt Road

Neighborhood : Greysett  – Kingstead Homesteads

Language & Server : English – Gladden

A few word from the homeowner: 

“Many years I have travelled Middle Earth, raising arms against Sauron and his seemingly endless evil horde. Long I have wished for peace, so I may return to my roots, tending to all of Middle Earth’s creatures and beauty. Now, the battle is won! And so, upon the farmland plains of Kingstead I found an old abandoned mead hall and made a claim to the land. Oh, it was in a dreadful state, dull and falling apart. Now beautiful and open, this spacious Healing Hall is a welcoming haven for all who may wish to enter. Nature and creatures alike are nurtured here. With various charming water features and carpeted spaces for meditation and stretching. Upon entering, you will find the front desk to your left for anything you may need. Following, is a door-way to the small crafting room where we cook, build and create everything we might need from scratch! Then to the right of the main entryway, you will find an elegant wash basin with a towel for drying. We ask kindly that all patrons please remove their footwear and wash their hands inside the healing hall. Following, is the entryway to Tina, the travelling turtle’s visiting area. She just loves fresh veggies, apples and having her picture taken! This is her home, please be kind and wait in line for your turn. After visiting my humble abode my hope is it helps to soothe your troubles, and allows you to feel a lightness with nature and peace. <3


D&Co’s Photo Report


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Interior (Barn)

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Interior (Main)

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