#7 : Demeure de Guthren
#7 : Demeure de Guthren

#7 : Demeure de Guthren

#7 : Demeure de Guthren
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Note : This contest took place back at a time when the English version of the website did not exist, therefore I offer here a quick translation (Google Translator is used, sorry!).

Theme: Hobbit House

Address : 3, Brookbank Street
Neighborhood : Saut de Tormo – Shire
Language & Server : French – Sirannon

A few word from the homeowner: 

A little house in the Shire!
A simple little house where eating, drinking and dancing reign supreme! The simple goal is to enjoy, you will find something to spend a quiet life, to fish near the lake, go to the theater scene in the evening below, then come home, comfortably!
Oh yes, I forgot! … Is not a player, who does not have fun with his guests … Be careful where you put your feet!
Enjoy your visit, and I hope to see you soon!
– Guthren, a dwarf with hobbit habits –

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