#6 : Chlorina

#6 : Chlorina
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Address : 3 Peak Way

Neighborhood : Bréquentige – Eastfold Homesteads

Language & Server : French – Sirannon

A few word from the homeowner: 

“Hôtel-Restaurant de la Tour, One of the establishments rewarded by the “Peregrin-Meriadoc Guide for the Hungry Hobbit – first edition” (and this despite the very steep road that leads to the establishment). Very comfortable: 6 beds, and drinks and food for many, many, many more guests. Currently: Neo-Mordor style art exhibition in the Exhibition Tower. Open continuously for the bedrooms and the dining room on the ground floor. If you wish to book the hotel for a reception (wedding, birth, drinking contest after having knocked out a monster … or whatever), please contact the barnain directly or leave a note in the mailbox.


D&Co’s Photo Report


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Interior (Tower)

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Interior (Main)

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  1. Blythe

    The neighborhoods showed English names for me, and “Bréquentige” is ‘Breckenrod’, for anyone else visiting and needing a traslation! 🙂 (Luckily I guessed correctly on the first try, lol) Lovely home, too! 🙂


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