Address : 2, High Road

Neighborhood : Hatbroke – Bree-Land Homesteads

Language & Server : English – Landroval

A few word from the homeowner: 

“Churchlady and her house were inspired by The Church Lady from Saturday Night Live. The floral yard with fountain and gazing pool welcomes visitors to her church complete with pulpit, collection plate, baptismal pool and even a church mouse. There is also a secret inner sanctum that hides Churchlady’s true, sinister agenda!”

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  1. I liked the color scheme throughout this house. I also liked all the pretty lights and windows.
    The church idea was original and well pulled off, and the dungeony hellfire room was also well themed.

  2. Churchlady My dear, I came across your house a couple years ago while wandering the neighborhoods looking at decorating. Did I mention how much I hate that purple rug and purple walls and purple floors? And how you made it work?!!! And how your house made me laugh until tears ran down my leg? Seriously, since I last visited your house, you’ve gone even further up that road to over-the-top! Eru Illuvatar loves you best, Sister, but I think that a little Melkor is strong in you. Thank you, again, for allowing all of us into your inner sanctum.

  3. This house was one of my favourites. I love the concept and the execution. I’m also not usually a fan of “that purple rug”, but the orange, purple and turquoise really work well together here. The inner sanctum is so startling after walking up the peaceful aisle of the main room.



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