#4 : Elrandor
#4 : Elrandor

#4 : Elrandor

#4 : Elrandor

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Address : 6 Fairwood Lane

Neighborhood : Menellant – Falathlorn

Language & Server : French – Sirannon

A few word from the homeowner: 

“This house is the Dwarf Embassy of my Falathlorn neighbourhood.

Even though it is an elven style house, the decorations are all of dwarvish conception. Due to the important size of these items, I was able to use all of the rooms without shutting off access to any of them. The Embassy boasts a conference room (the main room) and a work room on each side. Upstairs is a small exhibition hall where miniatures of dwarvish craftsmanship are displayed. The garden is not as strongly themed due to the specifications of the neighbourhood stating that vegetation and general harmony are to be prioritized, and so the only indication that this is a dwarvish house is the banner.

For the anecdote, this address was where my first personal house stood when housing was first introduced. But since at the time I didn’t have the means to buy a deluxe house, a fellow Dwarf called Nelwyn and I put together our savings to buy it.
Even though he left the game years ago, it’s partly in his honour that I chose this address to house my Dwarf Embassy.”

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  1. Edelanor

    Falathlorn houses are caverns that are very hard to fill or decorate. It becomes easy to fill them with dwarvish Gundabad blocks for whatever reason, but not very challenging, and in my opinion, not really in the spirit of things.

    1. Khelsi

      I would be curious to know what the “spirit of things” is, in my opinion the most important thing is that it works and looks harmonious. Easy does not equate bad, and while a little challenge definitely does bring value to it, it’s all for nothing if it doesn’t look good in the end. Beyond that it’s all up to personal preferences, but I do actually think it fits with the lore the owner provided 🙂

      1. Edelanor

        I fear you’re asking me to parse a well-known phrase to pick it apart 🙁 It means what you said, easy, not challenging, and I would posit the lore is situational to this house, rather than an insightful story: for instance would a dwarf who has not been around in a while be an ambassador? (Elrandor is an elf name, while no name is showing up as owner of the house, a housing glitch.) Even so, why not, say, ambassador to the Hobbits?

        1. Khelsi

          I do know what the phrase means (yeah, even though English is not my native language), I just meant that maybe not everyone has the same standards and that what you consider to be in the spirit of things might not be what others deem it to be 🙂 It’s not a roleplay event either, and I’m fairly satisfied with the explanation that was given to us, in the end it’s just a backstory to the house that vaguely explains how it came to be this way instead of just being “lol I put dwarven furniture in an elven house”. But anyway, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion 🙂


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