Note : This contest took place back at a time when the English version of the website did not exist, therefore I offer here a quick translation (Google Translator is used, sorry!).

Address : 5 Long Street
Neighborhood : Bourallume – Bree-land
Language & Server : French – Sirannon

A few word from the homeowner:

The Refugees of Erebor only has … two members! Eswarnuir, an elf and dwarf of Erebor Kazadhrund. Linked by an oath of friendship, Eswarnuir helps Kazadhrund after the Battle of Azanulbizar where he lost his brother his last family.
After some adventures, the two companions found themselves in Bree and decided to buy a house for all the dwarves of Erebor but also the friends of those so that they could rest there. There is always a vigorous home and a strong beer supply available. Many objects come from hobbits as a token of friendship and others testify to the successes experienced by free peoples over Sauron’s forces.
It is not uncommon to meet the two friends drinking beer with Galdholas, another elf encountered a few years ago.

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