#3 : Domaine de Glaceroche
#3 : Domaine de Glaceroche

#3 : Domaine de Glaceroche

#3 : Domaine de Glaceroche
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Address : 5 Roaring Road

Neighborhood : Vendom – Thorin’s Hall Homesteads

Language & Server : French – Sirannon

A few word from the homeowner: 

“Nestled in the snows of the Kingdom of Ered Luin lies this jewel of dwarven culture, which is neither more nor less than the largest dwarf theater scene on this side of the Misty Mountains! The Théâtre de Glaceroche welcomes all the year round all the artists who would like a quality scene where to perform, and proposes services of high standing for the actors as for the spectators: After having passed a small vestibule, the big room offers itself visitors, featuring a richly decorated stage with a unique podium, allowing actors or artists to find themselves directly in the middle of the public. The room is also equipped with ample and equipped slides, while the spectators have something to eat with a buffet just in front of the stage! And, to continue the party, a superbly furnished refreshment bar awaits visitors, offering a cozy atmosphere, a wide variety of drinks, and enough tables to be able to dance on!”


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