2nd birthday candle for D&Co…

Note : The translation of this post has not been verified yet, sorry for any possible mistake…

Today, it’s been two years since D&Co du Milieu was created!

~ Happy Birthday D & Co ~

If you missed the summary of this second year, click here!

To celebrate with dignity this second candle, I intend to offer you two contest in the coming weeks. Here is the festivities program, to which you are all invited:

# La Demeure de l’Étrange
The Strange Mansion – v3

– Pictures from previous editions –

The famous house will be back very soon, with many prizes to win. The detail will arrive at the opening of this  special mansion but you can prepare for some surprises. More difficult jumps than ever, and nice bonuses to find.

I am still working on it, and I should have finished this new version very soon. Prepare yourself for more fun!

Dates: over 2 weeks, from August 20th -> September 2nd.
Server: Sirannon

# Special Surprise Contest

Like last year, a surprise contest will make its appearance to close this anniversary month. I will not tell you more for the moment but you can already expect to a little brainstorming contest…

This contest will take place over a week and lots of prizes will be put in it.

Dates: 1 week, from September 3rd – September 9th.

By then, have a great summer and enjoy the good weather, your family and friends!

Happy Holidays !
~ Yao
D&Co du Milieu

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  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! I love your blog and read the new posts each week, in addition to browsing through older ones. I really appreciate being able to see decorations items in place as well as learning how to obtain them. Thanks for putting all this together!


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