#2 : Demeure d’Anouck
#2 : Demeure d’Anouck

#2 : Demeure d’Anouck

#2 : Demeure d’Anouck
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Note : This contest took place back at a time when the English version of the website did not exist, therefore I offer here a quick translation (Google Translator is used, sorry!).

Theme: Elven House

Address : 2, Twinfall Path
Neighborhood : Glad Orchall – Falathlorn
Language & Server : French – Sirannon

A few word from the homeowner: 

Main Hall: Reception hall with many trophies, paintings and armor. Plus a small place to chat by the fire and separated from the rest thanks to a screen.
Room on the left: rest room where you can read old work. The ancient coffers and filled with riches are there too.
Room on the right: a souvenir room where you can see a beautiful map represented on a luminous geode, a newspaper telling the life of the owner.
Staircase: Two map of elven regions are installed there.
Room: a simple room with a four-poster bed and a small piece of furniture on which books are placed.
Musical theme: Music box of the eternal Elvish song.

D&Co’s Photo Report


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Photo Report


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