#14 : Utulie’n Aure
#14 : Utulie’n Aure

#14 : Utulie’n Aure

#14 : Utulie’n Aure

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HWIME #14 - The Final Fifteen

Address : Tol Falthui

Neighborhood : Nan Tiriel – Belfalas 

Language & Server : English – Laurelin

A few word from the homeowner: 

“It is written in an apocryphal report found among the royal archives of Minas Tirith the following spooky story:

During the reign of King Eärnur, there was a brotherhood of sages known as the Utúlie’n Aurë, based on one of the many islands of Belfalas.

This name, meaning “”The day has come””, had been chosen in memory of the heroes of the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, in which before the battle, the Noldor High King Fingon had welcomed the armies of his brother Turgon with that scream.
On that day the hosts of Elves and Men had hoped to defeat Morgoth, but were defeated and forced to retreat, leaving many dead.

Some whisper that the dire fate that hung over all deeds connected with the Noldor, since Feänor’s oath, awoke once more.

Misfortune reached the sages who inhabited that island, because one of its members, an Edain of unknown origin, delved too deeply into his studies of the forbidden sciences of Udûn, where the Dark One dwelled, driving him mad.
And he brought ruin to his order, and the end of his companions, who took their lives between horrible and unspeakable tortures and rituals of necromancy.
And it is said that their souls and corpses can still be found by the brave who dare to venture into the gloom of Nan Tiriel’s mansion built on Tol Falthui in the Bay of Belfalas.

Nothing more was heard of the mad necromancer, and although the report relates that the King’s men searched the island, and his manor, they did not find the murderer and did not dare to touch anything and soon left, as their stay there was intolerable. and suffocating.

Any casual visitor should know that the mansion holds a few secrets like a hidden upper level and a couple of other spaces invisible through a sudden labyrinthine barrier filled with traps. So be careful and don’t get lost or you might end up feeding the mansion’s bloodlust.

And although there is mention of a later order to demolish the place, the mansion has endured to this day, as a sinister place for those who land on the fateful island.”

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