#14 : Tres
#14 : Tres

#14 : Tres

#14 : Tres

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HWIME #13 - The Final Fifteen

Address : 10 Wyrmhoard Bridge

Neighborhood : Fastherath – Erebor

Language & Server : English – Gladden

A few word from the homeowner: 

“Welcome to the Hammer and Crystal – Erebor’s finest wayfarer’s inn. We cater to traveling merchants, miners on their way to the Iron Hills, elves going to the Grey Havens, and adventurers of all sorts, from wayward hobbits to the strange ranger folk. Your mounts and wagons will be well tended in our fully equipped and guarded courtyard. We offer fresh hay and crystal clear water for the beasts, and plenty of room for travellers who want to pitch a tent and cook their own grub. For the more discerning traveller, inside you will find warmth and conviviality. Most nights our tables are filled with all manner of folk enjoying our renowned food and drink. The fully-stocked bar comes complete with surly barkeep — his bark is worse than his bite! Our talented cook makes delicious food for any race of the Free Peoples, just let her know what you’d like and she’ll whip it up in no time. We offer secure storage for your valuables, a map room for route planning, and a cozy reading nook when you need some quiet time. Upstairs you will find comfortable beds at a fair price, and plenty of floor room for your servants or companions. Soak in our warm baths, and dry off in front of the fireplace always kept glowing warm by our pet dragon. Snuggle into your blankets and sleep soundly, knowing you’re under the roof of the Hammer and Crystal!

D&Co’s Photo Report


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