#14 : Treasure
#14 : Treasure

#14 : Treasure

#14 : Treasure
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Address : 8 Long Street

Neighborhood : Duffley – Bree-land Homesteads

Language & Server : English – Gladden

A few word from the homeowner: 

“At the height of Sauron’s reign, Mordor was filled with thousands of orcs, Uruk-ai, and trolls swearing their allegiance. As Sauron’s armies swelled, many of the people of Bree-land peacefully continued about their days. New houses were built and old ones were torn down. There was one house, however, that had existed for as long as anyone could remember. It was a simple house, surrounded by woods and nestled in the corner of the homestead. Over the years, many travelers had passed by its door, but today, you have decided to enter it. It must after all, being such an old house, have some rare antiques worth judging for this contest.

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D&Co’s Photo Report


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    1. Frost

      Visited this home and it was awesome! I never realized how versatile someone could be with items in game! Great job!! Cant wait to see more from Treasure


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