#13 : The Country of Towns
#13 : The Country of Towns

#13 : The Country of Towns

#13 : The Country of Towns
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Address : 9 Chestnut Street

Neighborhood : Knockhouse – Bree-land Homesteads

Language & Server : English – Brandywine

A few word from the homeowner: 

“The Country of Towns kinship house is a country fair and marketplace perfect for merchants, farmers, and families. Outside you can find animals, fruits and vegetables for sale, and fun activities for children like games and mushroom picking. Inside you can pick up materials for crafting in the front room and find books about crafts and the country further in. There is also a bakery and an arts and crafts vendor stall. On the upper platform there is a story-telling area and a playhouse for children. They can definitely get into trouble there, as you might find 😉 And of course, the patrons of the fair are kept well hydrated with the beer and wine cellar in the back. Upstairs are just some dusty spaces that can be used for storage if needed.”


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