#13 : Tanya Rupa

#13 : Tanya Rupa
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Address : 1 Mare Street 

Neighborhood : Arrowdell – Kingstead Homesteads

Language & Server : English – Crickhollow

A few word from the homeowner: 

“Welcome to my home! After years of service in the Gondorian and Rohirrim armies, respectively, my husband and I have finally sold our Gondor Estate in the Cape of Belfalas and moved to this quaint home in the country to raise a family. Nestled next to a beautiful Willow Lake, the 360 degree view from our windmill is reason enough to call this place home. We grow our own crops and have plenty of farm animals to support our new lifestyle. Plus, we have a fully functioning kitchen and pantry in the basement, complete with a sink too! In the years to come, my husband plans to build an addition to the second floor of the home, when our kids our old enough for their own living space. 🙂 And, in our converted barn, you can see the spoils of our time in war with the loft as a dedicated space for me to write my novel and work on my crafts. This place is truly Home Sweet Home.


D&Co’s Photo Report


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Interior (Barn)

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Interior (Main)

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