Address : 1, Twinfall Path

Neighborhood : Sarngarth – Falathlorn Homesteads

Language & Server : English – Landroval

A few word from the homeowner: 

A man and his wife lived quietly along the river, fishing and farming to support their growing family of three ginger-haired daughters. They had little contact with other men, but traded some small items with the local elves. The Wars returned, the man’s wife withered with some strange darkness and passed, and in grief, the man and his eldest daughter answered the call to arms.

The middle daughter, Redswith, and the youngest sister, Marigold, went deeper into the woods to find the small community of elves known to their parents. The elves allowed them to stay in a large abandoned house on the cliff above the river. Redswith made a home for her sisters, and watched the road for her elder sister.

The man did not return from the conflicts. His eldest, now known as Shatterbone Ashbringer, came home to bring the sad tidings. She found the Redswith and Marigold living amongst the elves.

The two elder sisters vowed to raise their little sister in peace and safety. Shatterbone ventures far in fulfilling her duties and devotion to the Grey Company. Redswith stays closer to home, indulging Marigold, and yet teaching her the value of knowledge and learning. While Redswith is away on some brief errand, Marigold plays in the front yard, keeping the seagulls away from her lunch, and defending her two hedgehogs from mock enemies. A kindly neighbor is easily summoned to help as needed.

When Shatterbone is home, many friends come to dance on the broad lawn, or gather around the fireplace for stories. Redswith records Shatterbone’s adventures in the quiet of the evenings, sitting at her writing table while Shatterbone stretches her feet out in front of the fire. Marigold is supposed to be upstairs in her room asleep, but she often reads until she cannot keep her eyes open a moment longer.

The Ashbringer sisters, Shatterbone, Redswith, and Marigold welcome you to their home. Please do not allow the cats to go outside. They play too rough with the hedgehogs. Thank you, gentle folk.”

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  1. I wonder if the tiny tree house is actually the hedgehog’s summer home? It looks about the right size.
    Also I like that you can summon a vendor right to your doorstep, very convenient.

  2. So, how many of you noticed the sleeping cat who paths on the breakfast table? Seriously, OCD about getting that to work. And as is typical of cats, we get cat-bottom on the cutting board. I did the same on the clover table in our kinhouse, but it is not as funny as the cat sitting on the cutting board. Nothing else too special about my house, no clever overlays of items, except for the seagull bucket under the picnic table to give Marigold some seagulls to chase. I did sink the items in Marigold’s bedroom upstairs to be more ‘child’ height, otherwise, just a house I use every day, close to vault, etc, and most of my crafting stations are stored in the chest.

    So, thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy our quiet home. 🙂

    1. Marigold’s bedroom is definitely my favourite room in your house, from the colors to the “child-sized” elements ^^

      And yeah, I noticed the cat, and totally understand the hassle of making it go exactly the way you wante to :p
      I don’t know if you noticed it in my garden, but there is a singing bird, that sometimes flies just in front of the fox statue, dives just above the flowers, and comes back without hitting the columns… So, when I saw your cat, i was thinking “Ha ! I see what you did there…” 😉

    2. This was the very first decorated home I visited after discovering your forum thread +- 8 months ago!

      I absolutely noticed the pathing cat (since then I have become obsessed with trying to get interesting cat paths working with other items). After visiting many houses (I’d just wander around the neighbourhoods on my server, see which doors were open) and encountering so many that were just storage spaces or dumping grounds for trophies, yours was the first house that felt like a home, with well defined, believable, appealingly decorated home areas. This home (and Englishkernighits) had a great influence on my own first “decorated” homes, where I worked hard at creating livable, functional spaces.

      I especially loved Marigolds room and her child heighted items. I think you changed the colour scheme and wall paper in her room since I visited it last though. Or am I misremembering?



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