Address : 4 Brookbank Street

Neighborhood : Cornacre – Shire Homesteads

Language & Server : English – Gladden

A few word from the homeowner: 

“Feeling parched after a long day of slaying orc and vanquishing evil from the corners of Middle Earth? All are welcome, to slake their thirst at The Lath-bear Keg house in the Shire! Leave your coat at the door and bring your best pipeweed. Guaranteed to quench the mightiest thirst, The Lath-bear’s famous Honey-mead is made right here in Cornacre, from our own bees! Equipped with a room for puffing on your favourite pipe, a fully stocked bar and 3 different house brews to choose from, who will be the Lath-bear standing and who will wake up somewhere randomly with no pants?! If she’s not busy tending to her bee’s, you might even share a pint with the owner! That is, if she’s not already asleep in her bedroom downstairs, happily drunk from sampling the Honey-mead …for…quality control! Our brew is our bond after all. Drink, dance and be merry at The Lath-bear Standing Keg house where all are welcome, especially folks of the shorter variety!”


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