#12 : Seekers of Invisible Walls
#12 : Seekers of Invisible Walls

#12 : Seekers of Invisible Walls

#12 : Seekers of Invisible Walls

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Address : 5 Roaring Road

Neighborhood : Kapheim – Thorin’s Hall Homesteads

Language & Server : English – Arkenstone

A few word from the homeowner: 

“Within the caverns of Thorin’s Hall, a peculiar kinship has opened a section of their house to travellers. Experience a classic dwarven home as you mingle among groups of dwarves planning expeditions into uncharted lands.

As an homage to the kinship’s Ered Mithrin origins, the yard recreates the scene of a dragon excavation site. A raven statue keeps watch over the camp and silently takes note of those who enter and leave the house through the side door.

The interior of the house features majestic columns, countless maps and in true dwarf fashion, hidden mechanisms that are tied to riddle scrolls, secret keyholes and rotating statues operated by a lever.

If you’re lucky, someone will have already triggered the mechanism to lift the obsidian wall carving. Beyond it, a hidden room showcases priceless treasures and items of exquisite craftsmanship. Sometimes, whispers of Thafar-gathol can be heard by the Oath-stone. You can’t help but wonder if that is what these dwarves are truly seeking…


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