Address : 4, Chestnut Street

Neighborhood : Arrowhaven – Bree-land Homesteads

Language & Server : English – Evernight

A few word from the homeowner: 

“Looking for a quiet getaway house? How about a never getaway house!!!
This eclectic and only slightly ominous residence seems unassuming enough from the outside, but enjoy the ‘giant meteor crashing into an autumn picnic’ themed landscaping while you can, because once you go in…. there’s no turning back.
Unless of course, you’re clever enough to decipher our weird and unusually unhelpful clues to find the hidden exit!

The rules are simple:
No milestones, maps, travel skills or /unstuck (unless you give up),
and no floaty names. (You can press N to turn them off)

You will find all the clues you need inside the housing storage chest.
Enter at your own risk, if you think you have what it takes to escape from this literal tourist trap!”

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Previous House: #11 Piandao


    1. Congratulations on finding the exit! I was a bit worried I might have made the whole thing a bit too confusing at first, so I’m glad you managed to solve the puzzle. 🙂

    1. Yay! Congratulations Rhuangar! I think I remember you saying something about wine… but I was a little too busy evil laughing at you to really be paying attention. 😉

  1. Really, really cool idea there !

    Plus, there are some very interesting furniture associations in almost every room, definitely worth the headscratch :p

  2. I saw you in game, and told you what I liked about your house, but I think I’ll share those thoughts with everyone here.

    Normally, I am not fond of dark colors on the walls and floors, but here it works. The colors of the other items have been chosen carefully to fit with that color-scheme. The red elf bed sunken into the floor to make a table is clever, and I may use that for a client. The items ‘framed’ on the walls is clever. I’m going to play with that idea to see what interesting combinations I can find. I like the stack of the oven and the firepit in the corner. I like your use of the back of a wicker chair as a firescreen. And the way you covered the ugly windows in the Bree house was interesting. I also try to cover those windows whenever possible.

    I did read through the items in your chest, and thought that was quite clever. I didn’t use any for clues, because I know the items that can transport out of the houses. All I had to do was find it. I made a sandwich, in real life, and very carefully went over every square inch. I apologize for the mayo fingersmears on everything.

    And I am delighted that you found the barrel at the top of the ladder. 😀

  3. Lots of really interesting item combinations here! I especially like how you’ve used the Gondorian Brazier in so many different ways and your wicker chair as a fire screen has me re-evaluating how the chair can be used.

    I had fun pretending to be a tourist and exploring every inch of the house in trying to find a way out. Co-incidentally I had also had a bit of wine to drink that night ^_^;

    The meteor half crushing the picnic should have been a sign of strange things to come!



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