#11 : Sightseer of Untamed Lands
#11 : Sightseer of Untamed Lands

#11 : Sightseer of Untamed Lands

#11 : Sightseer of Untamed Lands
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Address : Tol Falthui

Neighborhood : Rustanor – Belfalas Homesteads

Language & Server : English – Laurelin

A few word from the homeowner: 

“This is the safe refuge where this war-torn Hunter goes to take some rest from the never-ending fight against the forces of the Evil Eye. My war trophies and renown kills are the first thing that greets you in the entrance of the home, followed by a weapon room where I unload all my gear. After a quick rest in the small living room, I make sure that all my fellow warriors are treated to some ale, grub and pipe-weed. The storerooms next to the kitchen and bar are full of provisions, enough to fill up a whole army! Following is the war-room where all discussions are being held concerning tactics and strategies for our next move. Going up the stairs, my crafting room prepares me to be strong for the journeys to come. My personal space and belongings is on the second floor, guarded by my fierce pet-companion, Sardine McWhiskers! Anybody who would like to take the tour, just Speak Friend and Enter!”


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