Address : 1, Windy Lane

Neighborhood : Amarlad – Belfalas Homesteads

Language & Server : English – Brandywine

A few word from the homeowner: 

“The yard consists of 2 parts – a farmyard and a recreation area.
The house has an entrance hall, a kitchen, a library, a trophy room, a bedroom, a bar, a small winter garden, a living room and a guest room that is suitable for rest and relaxation. Besides, there are two guests living in the house at the moment – a barber who tries himself as a bartender, and a banker who seems to love reading :)”

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  1. My house may be hard to get out of, but man is this one hard to get to!
    I went through a lot of rigmarole and failed attempts trying to get my low lvl Brandywine toon up to this house, but I finally made it!

    Turns out all I had to do was schmooze my way into joining an Amarlad located kinship so I could sneak off into this apparently very exclusive neighborhood.

    My favorite part of this house was definitely the bedroom with the lily pond. I also liked the crystals in the room with the purple rugs, the bartending barber, and the cute turtle in the courtyard.

    (P.S. shout out to Rhuangar! I never would have made it to this house without her help.) 🙂

    1. The easiest way I found was to visit a Belfalas Homestead, type /stuck, and then go to Dol Amroth (following the road is the best way to stay alive). From DA, you can take a horse for Belfalas Homesteads. 😉

      1. Thank you!! This worked. Visited a random home for sale (broker in Bree), popped into the Cape at random home, and typed ‘/stuck’. After the minute wait, I was ported to the graveyard/stone circle east of Dol Amroth. And then I rode like a madwoman for DA, watching the red dots on my minimap swarm behind me. Made it to DA without issues, and took the Cape horse to the homesteads, and selected Amarlad at the gate. Whew! And it was worth the ride. 🙂

  2. I really loved these houses!! I gave two of them a 10. There was so much imagination and creativity! Had a great time visiting all of them!

  3. So, thanks to this house, I learned that a level 6 character can indeed cross the Dol Amroth area without dying…granted it runs fast enough :p

    Really great idea for the yard !

  4. I was just debating giving that a try. Even with the Fall Festival, I’ve only had enough energy to level to 11. Since the Amarlad neighborhood is full, I can’t pop in from Bree to ‘look’ at a house in the same neighborhood. So, gonna try the death run from DA. LOL

      1. Yes, thank you. And I would like to say that of all of the homes I have visited so far, I liked yours the best. Excellent alignment of items, very well coordinated colors, logical groupings of items, good use of space, good selection of items from rep and quests, a few clever item groupings. Well done. 🙂

  5. I was trying to help Razorblaze get to this neighborhood the night before yesterday. No luck. It was late so we didn’t run but I hope she decides to do so.

  6. I really enjoyed walking around your yard, from the farm/ production sections to the quiet,shady spot under the gazebo. Very well done. Your home is definitely one that I can imagine a Noble Gondorian family inhabiting. The family even has servants… the bar is complete with a barman! I loved the use of the Beech Leaves flooring in the rooms at the back, it gives the impression of the indoors green space extending into the rooms along side it



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