Address : 3 Low Street

Neighborhood : Brandfell – Thorin’s Hall Homesteads

Language & Server : English – Brandywine

A few word from the homeowner: 

“This is the private clubhouse of a secret society of adventurers in Middle Earth. Non-members are not often invited inside and the guards out front, both the stone and the flesh, discourage most visitors.

However, on this occasion you are welcome to come in for a look-around and maybe a drink and a chat. All club members have access to their private bank accounts and all may contribute or withdraw from the club’s own collective account.

The barber is on call for any adventurer, especially those who might be a bit shaggy after returning from a long expedition abroad. Members use the back room to put away their arms and armour or to show or study the trinkets and oddities they may have collected on their travels. In the main room they can sit together to exchange tales over wine or ale.

Everywhere, the wonders, trophies, and knowledge that have been collected throughout Middle Earth are on display. But the most splendid treasures of all are found deeper within the cavernous halls of the clubhouse, through the door in the back. However, only members are allowed in there!


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  1. I love the Barber area. I love the Gondorian candlesticks and fish sunk into the walls. That wallpaper is the perfect one to do that with great effect.



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