#10 : Numendur
#10 : Numendur

#10 : Numendur

#10 : Numendur

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HWIME #13 - The Final Fifteen

Address : 4 Ironfoot Road

Neighborhood : Akafolk – Erebor

Language & Server : English – Laurelin

A few word from the homeowner: 

“Wellcome! Bienvenidos! The central courtyard is where the Stone Gates are. In the lower courtyard is the Garden of the Fountain. The upper courtyard is the Seer´s Courtyard. Inside the house, in the lower level are the living rooms. Middle level is the Hall of Troll Lamps: trolls above and below the room, providing light. The upper level is the Frozen Throne. Thanks for visiting! Numendur.

D&Co’s Photo Report


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