Address : 7, Long Street

Neighborhood : Goldstoke – Bree-Land Homesteads

Language & Server : English – Evernight

A few word from the homeowner: 

“This charming little house features a large statement wall of built in bookshelves, two working fireplaces, a pretzel munching saber-cat, a jump-scare goblin, a cunning catfish, a snazzy hat collection, various oil paintings, a cauldron of mysterious green goo, a model windmill, plenty of reading material, and a warm cozy bedroom filled with assorted knickknacks.

Outside you’ll find some colorful autumn foliage, a shiny shimmery splendid swan fountain, a fully stocked picnic table, and free mints.

All visitors are welcome!”

D&Co’s Photo Report


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  1. I liked your home. Simple, lived in, nice yard, lots of books. My kind of home. And a nice big kitten to take care of everything while the owner is off adventuring. Thank you for opening your home. 🙂


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