#1 : Demeure de Folwynn
#1 : Demeure de Folwynn

#1 : Demeure de Folwynn

#1 : Demeure de Folwynn

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Housing Week Contest #5


Note : This contest took place back at a time when the English version of the website did not exist, therefore I offer here a quick translation (Google Translator is used, sorry!).

Theme: Elven House

Address : 2, Twinfall Path
Neighborhood : imlad Anor – Falathlorn
Language & Server : French – Sirannon

A few word from the homeowner:

Usually living in the Kingdom of Lord Thranduil, Folwynn sometimes has to leave the apartments she occupies in order to go to Eriador, where she owns a second home in the peaceful area of ​​Imlad Anor. Like all Elves, she is very close to nature, so it is natural that she chose a home on the edge of a stream and a small waterfall.
In front of the house is proudly a large mill, as well as some trees that can hide it. Visitors are greeted by a little snowman that Folwynn has built, whose characteristic is never to melt, even during hot weather. After cooling off near the well, travelers can enter the house, where they discover a large living room, including cushioned benches, bookcases and an imposing fireplace. Cheese and bread are waiting for them on a table in a corner of the room.
On the left, after the arch, there is a small relaxation room but also research, because the Elves love History.
The third room on the ground floor, to the right of the entrance, is a study room. It is here that Folwynn “meticulously” arranges his important parchments.
Finally, the only room on the floor is dedicated to rest and relaxation. It is darker than the others but still contains a fireplace for a little light but especially to bring heat. It’s here that Folwynn is resting in his elven bed with green sheets. A chest is on the ground on the left. It’s all the wealth she piled up during her adventures. Like the Elf King of the Black Forest Kingdom, she likes colorful and precious gems, but unlike him, she is not obsessed with them; his only real treasure is knowledge.

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