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#1 : Cementarri

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HWIME #12 - The Final Fifteen

Address : 4 Wending Way

Neighborhood : Downfurrows – The Shire

Language & Server : English – Arkenstone

A few word from the homeowner: 

“My little Shire home was passed down to me by my grandfather.

Just to share a little bit about my beloved grandfather, he was a most-ly ordinary hobbit. He was an avid fisherhobbit – as most are – except that he rarely napped while fishing! If you can imagine! He thrilled in the contest. He studied fishy habbits and diets being sure to select only the finest bait for the most discerning fishy palete. He, and here is where he departed our normal hobbity ways, loved to travel! If you can imagine! But his enthusiasm in retelling his fishing adventures excited (if not slightly frightened) this young hobbit.
My grandfather went to the Great Shire in the sky years ago and I loved him dearly but, I am still trying to get rid of the smell! And I think I’ve finally managed to remove the last of the bait worms! If you can imagine! My cozy hobbit hole retains a bit of my grandfather’s influence for I loved him dearly and the ones we love are never really gone.
Sometimes, when the world is silent and dark, I can still hear him flipping through moldy old pages whilst “Ah-Ha!”ing and “Ohhh-hoo!”ing!


D&Co’s Photo Report


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One comment

  1. I was cut off at the editing stage by Yao-the-dictator who must have judged my pavement off-topic (and I rather agree with him^^), but I wanted to share with the author of this little house that turned me upside down my complete impressions on his work 🙂

    “A garden as I like them, simple, but true. The location of the house is one of my favorites in the Shire, I remember saving up for a long time to finally be able to put my bags on the edge of this pond…
    The description also touched me a lot, I think we had the same grandfather who whistled quietly on his pontoon in the Sky Shire 🙂 the old caravan in the garden, the great lover of fishing and funny expressions, in short, everything pleases me in this garden! Trees, flowers, tenderness, what more could one wish? Nothing for me, everything is in this garden, my favorite, bravo!

    The house is very simple, but well arranged (which is not an easy task for hobbits), warm and comfortable. Special mention to the water plan which is very well done! Each piece of furniture is in its place, decorated with flowers or other books.

    To conclude, everything is in good taste in this house, and the description adds for me a very particular depth to the decoration. For having plunged me pleasantly back into memories, thank you, and bravo.”


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