~ LotRO's Housing Magazine ~

~ LotRO's Housing Magazine ~


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The Bazaar of Ideas

Suffering from decorator’s block? There are many creative ideas to be found around D&Co!
<a href="https://en.dcodumilieu.fr/housing-week-contest-6-the-opening/"><strong>Housing Week Contest</strong></a>

Housing Week Contest

Middle-Earth Houses Competition is back. Enter the contest by showing us your beautiful kinship house ! You have until June 20th.


Recent Decoration Items

Work in progress... (96% - 913/947)
<a href="https://en.dcodumilieu.fr/category/reputation/far-anorien/"><strong>D&Co’s Selection : Far Anorien</strong></a>

D&Co’s Selection : Far Anorien

Pick of the Week : Far Anorien reputation offers beautiful decorations in exchange for your services!
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