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~ LotRO Housing Magazine ~

~ LotRO Housing Magazine ~

Share Your Home! Visit Others’!

If you would like to visit other decorators’ homes and maybe share your own little corner(s) of Middle Earth, you’ve come to the right place!

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Questions about houses or decorations? Want to exchange with other decorators? Join our community on a Discord server dedicated to Housing.
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How to help us ?

Without your help, the website and its database would not be what it is.
Discover the different ways to bring your own contribution to the project.

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Latest news from LotRO and the housing magazine.

Classic vs Premium Housing Comparison

If you are just beginning the life of a decorator in Middle Earth, trying to find your way around housing can be a bit confusing. … Read More "Classic vs Premium Housing Comparison"

Updated the 2021 Calendar !

The Decorator’s Agenda was updated with new events for 2021. Whether it’s the official LOTRO calendar or the D&Co du Milieu Calendar, it’s all there. Read More "Updated the 2021 Calendar !"

The Decorator’s Letter – 2021

2020 is finally, and mercifully, coming to an end. Though this year has fallen far short of what many of us would have liked, let … Read More "The Decorator’s Letter – 2021"


Tips and tricks to start your life in Middle-Earth.

An Introduction to LotRO Housing

What is Housing in Lord of the Rings Online? How do you become a house owner, where should you buy a house, etc,etc ?

It is therefore time for D&Co du Milieu to offer you an introduction to LOTRO Housing !

The Bazaar of Ideas

Suffering from decorator’s block? There are many creative ideas to be found around D&Co!

If you are in need of a boost to the artistic spirit you’ve come to the right place.

Decoration Items

Discover the latest deco items added to the game. Currently 1570 deco items on our database and in-game.

Small Hobnanigans Field with Orange Wyandotte Chicken

Small Hobnanigans Field with Black-foot Chicken

Boar’s Afternoon

The Red Axe Drinks of Victory!

Map of Gundabad

Map of Elderslade

Roast Pig

Roast Dinner Plate

Large Map Table

Small Map Table

Dwarf-Make Bed

Dwarf-Make Table